Groups Work

Hackney Recovery Service delivers a wide range of structured and open access groups to support service users through their recovery. Our groups cater to individuals in all stages of recovery.

Abstinence Day Programme
– Mon, Tues, Thurs, Friday 1.30-3pm

12 week rolling group for individuals who are at least 7 days abstinent from all illicit substances and who want to maintain their abstinence. The group meets 4 times per week and sessions focus on emotional and cognitive regulation rather than behavioural processes. Relapse prevention and some psychodynamic sessions are also included to explore the reasons behind substance misuse in the first place. Assessment and referral by your Keyworker will be required to join this group.

Recovery Skills
– Tues, Friday 11-12.30pm

The aim of the group is to offer service users that want to make changes to their substance use, the possibility of attending two weekly structured sessions with the focus on recovery skills and goal setting strategies that will help and support the participants to achieve their desired/identified goals. Assessment and referral by your Keyworker will be required to join this group.

Reduced Drinking Programme
– Mon, Wednesday 11-12.30pm

12 week rolling group for individuals that want to become more aware of their alcohol intake and start to reduce it or to prepare for a detox regime. The group uses Educational, Person-centred, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and Motivational Interviewing techniques to allow for a space where participants can explore their drinking. We also welcome users of low amounts of cannabis, crack cocaine or cocaine. Unfortunately this group is not suitable for methadone or opiates users. Assessment and referral by your Keyworker will be required to join this group.

Abstinent Emotions
– Tuesday 5-6.30pm

Individuals develop problems with drugs and alcohol for a variety of reasons and this group is intended to allow participants the space to explore what their story has been. These weekly sessions will be a place to talk about your emotional triggers and the underlying feelings that drove your behaviour. The Group is by referral from your Keyworker and you must be stable in abstinence from any substances.

Low Dose Group

This group is aimed at supporting service users who are in the final stages of their detox / reduction programmand would benefit from additional and more structured support to achieve abstinence. The programme is devised by service users themselves and will include a weekly group as well as additional interventions aimed at supporting service users through reintegration. As this is a closed group, service users will support each other through this process and share experiences to maximise outcomes.


This group runs alongside the Low Dose Group for service users that have identified that they want to use the 12 weeks of support to reduce their prescribed substitute medication. This programme is based on an Attachment based model.

MSM Group

The MSM group was created to provide a direct intervention to compliment the MSM clinic at Homerton Hospital which has been running for the past 2 years in Homerton sexual health clinic. The rising problem of the ‘Chemsex’ phenomenon which effects the gay community almost exclusively, further alienating this client group from mainstream services.

The MSM group takes place on the 1st and 3rd Thursday of the month.

The group is an open group and it is intended that members will join for 12 sessions (24 weeks as the groups are fortnightly).

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